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Blink to Headquarter in Gunnison, Colorado

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Blink Web Designs has changed its DBA to Blink 42 to cater to the small town of Gunnison, Colorado’s need for IT Services and Website Design. This small local community is in the middle of a growth spurt and Blink 42 has decided to stay and help this small community grow.

The decision to headquarter in Gunnison came from a combined effort of the CEO and ICELab employees. Blink 42 CEO, Eric Hagelin attended the Western State University of Colorado between 2006 and 2011. His familiarity with the town and the cool mountain air made the decision easier. With help from David Assad in the ICELab ( it became an obvious decision that Blink 42 should headquarter in Gunnison.

Since website design is often done remotely, the location for Blink 42 was not bound by any particular geographical location, just reliable internet. The bonus for locating in a beautiful mountain town is the wide variety of outdoor activities. From skiing in the winter to biking in the summer, this mountain town has it all.

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As Blink continues to provide great web design solutions, we will also be offering IT Services through Services will not just be for small businesses, but also for the entire community. We look forward to working with you on our next project.

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