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Stand out

Things to Include in an Actor’s Portfolio Website


Headshots are great for paper, but you’ve got your own platform and it’s 2021, so serve up some of your best reels. Make sure they’re not copyrighted by a previous production or create some original content. When hosting video, it’s important to have the right hosting environment. Don’t worry, we have scalable hosting available to handle large video uploads.

Good Readability

It’s important for your website to be organized and understandable. Show your range without cluttering the page by keeping your sections organized by previous work or by a certain typecast. This way a director can easily see your range without being overwhelmed by content.

Stand Out Examples

This standard theme allows for screen movement and a very impactful first glance. It also can integrate into a shopping cart to sell merchandise related to your brand or paid zoom meetings like the popular

Actor website example screenshot

This theme also provides an embed video player just below the main top section. Getting your reel displayed quickly on the page will be helpful to keep interests of agents.

video is important for actor portfolio websites

Not sure which theme to choose for your online portfolio? No problem, working with Blink Web Designs puts you face to face (digitally) with a designer that can walk you through your options. We offer full customization of any theme to match exactly how you want to portray yourself online.

Actor Website Deliverables

You’ll receive a full website with server for a low monthly payment. The hosting is setup under your e-mail and you’ll have full control over it. The hosting is optimized for video and images. You’ll receive a WordPress platform to make theme updates in the future easy as your brand changes. This website grows with you. The website design, layout, and implementation of video/images will be done by us. You’ll have the option for easy editing with your mobile phone in the future or the option to pay us for updates as you gain new portfolio reels to share. This will all be served on a mobile-responsive design, making it easy for hiring agents to look through your online portfolio. We’re ready to get started with no wait time and 2-week turnaround.