Our Focus

Make sure your brand stays relevant by creating content for your audience consistently.


Create video to draw in your customer’s attention or create video to educate.


Help search engines find you better by having better, more optimized writing.


Professional product photos and company imagery will help sell your brand.


If your audience is listening to podcasts, then get in that space too.

Video Content

Blue Wave Printing & Display videos represent this family-owned business in a professional manor by generating awareness of the brand and providing value to customers through education.

Trailer Video

30 second ad space to deliver on YouTube ads and to serve as a trailer on the YouTube and Vimeo pages.


Provide education to your customers to prove that you are the authority in your field.

Content Writing Examples

Website Structure Best Practices

Firstly, we’re going to go over the website structure best practices of 2021. Then we’re going to go over how that relates to other things, like your search engine rankings. Finally, we’ll go over how…

Did That Designer Do a Good Job?

When you don’t know code, it’s easy for someone to write bad code and pass it off as completed work. You don’t need to know code to identify errors, but you do need someone to help once you’ve diagnos…

fast speed results page

WordPress Speed Consultant

Do you need a WordPress Speed Consultant to help identify the key factors that need improvement on your website? Our consultation will provide an audit of action items related to how to speed your web…

screen shot of page speed insights of this website

Page Speed Is Important For SEO

Page speed is a major factor in rankings since Google switched over to Mobile First Indexing. There are several popular tools that can help you diagnose your own page speed before looking for a develo…

content creation

Content Writer For Hire

Creating content consistently is very time consuming, but holds a lot of value in ROI. Content is what helps with SEO and place your company as an authority in your field.

Work with us to generate new ideas and produce content that gets results.

web design from paper to computer

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