E-Commerce SEO Firm – Sample Results BCS

Initial SEO Audit

The original website built in 2009 with e-commerce and SEO was not a firm strategy at the time. The goal was to take an existing e-commerce website and integrate SEO into it. If you’d like contact us we can start a project with you, the following are real results. The following is based on https://www.bigcheckstore.com.

Results from an e-commerce website with SEO applied

When looking for an e-commerce SEO firm it is important to know that they can produce results that look like this. Search engine optimization is a long-term game that produces long lasting results. Most of the leg-work to the website was applied in 2012 with tweaks throughout the years, but lead to thousands of visitors a month just from the initial investment. It is also important to note the ups and downs of SEO as Google applies different algorithm changes. Such as the algorithm change of mobile page speed rankings, discussed more in this article: Page Speed Impacts SEO.

Is Blink Web Designs the right firm?

Blink Web Designs offers SEO services to e-commerce websites for small businesses. You don’t need a team of 20 people to handle your project, only pay for what you need with as little as one expert for your company.