Magento 2 – Big Checks and SEO


Big Checks on Magento 2 With SEO

Blue Wave Printing & Display was struggling to find new customers in a very competitive event market. One of the unique products that they printed was “Big Checks”. We worked to create a store specific to this unique product offering to allow customers the opportunity to design their own online with pre-made templates. Since the creation of the Big Check Store, Blue Wave Printing & Display has been able to bring in new customers every single day from a new traffic source.

  • #1 For High Traffic Keywords
  • 2,000 Organic Users Per Month
  • Custom Theme
  • Design Online Capable

High Traffic Keywords currently holds 914 organic positions that combine to produce 2,000 organic users per month. Here are some examples of ranking keywords.

High traffic keywords screenshot from SEMrush about