Monthly Service Plans

 Updates to your website are very important for ranking, but you just don't have time to work on it. With the monthly payment options, your website can get the attention it deserves and needs to rank.

$50 per month : The “Watcher”

A watchful eye will be kept on your website to make sure that all plugins are up to date. It is important to keep all of your plugins up to date in order to minimize opportunity for hacks. At the end of each month you will receive an e-mail communication about any news I have to report about your website.

$75 per month : The “Analytic”

Along with having the 1st plan, the e-mail that you will receive will include a SEO traffic analysis. This analysis will help your see the performance of your website and target areas that could be improved. The traffic to your site gets there some how. With this plan set up properly, you will be able to see how your customers are getting to your website (i.e. what keywords they are using) as well as what their behavior is on your site. After a few months of seeing the behaviors of your customers, it might be time to go onto the 3rd plan.

$100 per month : The “Implementer”

This plan includes the first two plans and there will also be an implementation of one update to your website that will benefit your rankings. This will come in the form of added content to one existing page of your website. Using the analysis from plan 2 will allow you to see what parts of your website are getting the most traffic and which parts would benefit from added content. For example, if we find that your website is not drawing enough traffic to the page about your main service, then we will add in optimized content to help your customers better understand that page.

$200 / month : The “Optimizer”

Along with having the first 3 plans your website will have one full page of new content added that will include 1 new photo and 500 words of text. This page will be optimized based on the month’s analytics for areas that you can expand your website. Picture can be provided by client or a stock photo can be used. Text can be provided by client and finished by me.

$300 / month : The “Over-Achiever”

This plans includes the first 4 plans. On top of those options, one of your pages will be evaluated and tweaked if necessary to help your SEO efforts. Also, as a bonus, another page will be added into your website with a picture and 500 words (making 2 full pages extra, with content, per month)

 $700 / month : The “Advertiser”

$15 a day for 30 days will be spent directly in Google Adwords as a means to bring more customers to your website. This money will be spent on one campaign focusing on one aspect or product of your website. Analytics will be provided at the end of this month to show how your campaign did. At the end of the month you may switch to a different focus or stop all together.

$50 $75 $100 $200 $300
Keep an eye on your website keeping plugins up to date Y Y Y Y Y
Monthly e-mail communication about your website Y Y Y Y Y
SEO Analytics included with the e-mail communication Y Y Y Y
Adding content to 1 page of your website Y Y Y
1 new page with picture and 500 words Y
1 page SEO evaluation and changes Y
2 new pages with picture and 500 words Y