SEO For Podcast – Wine Podcast Example

Podcast Author John Taylor, image of him doing a podcast

John Taylor, the author of the “Pairs With Life” podcast, needed SEO for his podcast. He had great content with a solid audience that loved his posts. After running through an SEO audit, it was found that his site suffered from a common problem. A slow site that wrote well to his audience, but not for a search engine.

Here is a screenshot that was taken pre-project of the load time. This is an average website with a load time of 5.6 seconds until content is seen.

Main Goal for Optimizing a Podcast for SEO

What we were looking to accomplish here was 2 things:

  1. Increase page speed to help rankings
  2. Focus on audience related keywords

If you’re looking for more of how we accomplished this, then you’ll have to contact us to begin a project. The following will show the results of our process in order to define what “success in seo” looks like.

Accomplishment #1 – Page Speed Increase

After performing a website optimization, the page load time went from 5.6 seconds to 1 second. This is extremely important because mobile users need to be able to load your website even if they have 2 bars.

Results pending, check back for full results.

In Conclusion: Common Podcast SEO Problems

In conclusion, what we found with a podcast website is that audio files are huge. This large file size provides a lot of content for Google to digest, but having too much information can hurt if not optimized properly. Connect with us to get the industry best practices for Podcast Websites.