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How To Increase Magento Website Speed

How To Increase Magento Website Speed

Eric Hagelin

Eric Hagelin – Magento 2 Specialist

CEO and Founder

I’m going to share my experience with Magento related to loading times and how you can increase the speed of your Magento site. I build Magento websites in custom AWS servers designed to perform and scale.

Home » SEO Services » Fix Website Speed » How To Increase Magento Website Speed

Magento 2

Magento has its draw-backs and speed is one of them. It is a large platform that can handle processing many orders. Overall, I do highly recommend Magento 2 to my clients along with these tips to increase speed.

Hosting Speed

Hosting is the #1 thing to look at when dealing with a slow Magento site. Since it is a heavy site, you need to make sure that you have the power associated to make it faster.

Amazon offers great pricing for high-performing hosting. When you’re self-hosting on AWS, it’s advisable to have someone manage your hosting and keep it tuned for high performance. Specifically, the C4 series in AWS are optimized well for Magento out of the box.

Theme Design

Magento design plays an important role. Since the backend is having to do a lot of processing, the frontend should be lean. That means things like the basics: no sliders, compressed images, and no animations. There are plenty of good themes available that are lean and fast, but having a custom theme is going to produce the best results by cutting anything that isn’t relevant to exactly what your website needs.

Theme Code

Unused JS and CSS show up a lot on Google Speed Tests. This is due to the theme code not deferring what it needs to. Practices change from year to year and in 2021, mobile performance is at the top of that list. It’s important to load code properly and at the right times in order to avoid load-time penalties. Even if the best theme developer in the world developed your site in 2020, once Google updates, your site needs to update too.

I’ll say it again: Image Optimization

When a user enters your site on a phone or desktop, they are forced to download all of your pictures.

Google Stops at 500kb

When crawling your page, Google skips over images that are larger than 500kb. There’s no need to serve up an image at that size and I can show you how to compress properly.

Size vs Size

An image is 800px x 800px AND it weighs 8,000kb. It’s important to understand that both of these metrics [width+height] AND [byte size] need to be optimized properly on every image.

Proper Size

Make sure your image is the proper width and height for the web page and keep it compressed under 100kb. This is important for all category and product pictures.

If You Don’t Want To Do This Yourself

We’ll put together a customized quote about your project and work with you to get started on your project. Let’s get your Magento website speed increased together.

If not, continue reading!

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Plugin Compatibility

Think of your phone and the number of apps you install on there. Having too many apps is going to slow down performance.

The difference between a phone app and a Magento plugin is that they are not always compatible with other plugins. We have seen different developers use the same code names to call different blocks and this causes an overlap in code with 2 plugins asking for the same thing from Magento.

Have a clear, top down view, of what you need for functionality and take a hard look at which plugins you actually need.

Browser Caching for Speed

Magento has a base caching system installed and when it’s turned on, makes a big difference. I’m guessing if you landed on this page, you already know how to turn to cache on. Here are more tips to increase speed through caching.

Server Side Expires

This error shows up in speed tests and should be addressed in your .htaccess file by a developer.


Magento allows you to use 3rd party caching on a separate environment.

Lastly: No Pop-Ups

“Sign up and save” pop-ups hurt page speed load times, keep them off the site.

We’re standing by to help with a Magento Site Speed Increase project.