Law Firm SEO Services

Law Firm SEO has many parallels to regular website SEO, but includes an emphasis on local rankings. Since Law Firms are inherently competitive in local search, it’s important to have a competitive edge in local search results. Google My Business is very important for local law firms because that’s what helps them show up on a map. But how do you show up higher than your competitors? We’ll go over how we can increase your traffic by showing up over your competitors on the map.

Local Search Map

In 2021, most searching happens on a mobile phone. This mobile phone has given permission to Google and other search engines to track their location. When they search “lawyer near me”, they’re going to get results within a few miles. Search engines have refined the algorithms not to show a law firm hundreds of miles away. Geo-tagging has now become very important on your website in order to show the search engines exactly where you are located.

Competition in Law Firm SEO Matters

I hate to be the one to say it, but if your competitor’s website is better than yours, then they’re getting more clients. Since they are getting more clients, they are getting better rankings in Google and since they are getting better rankings, they’re getting more clients. Since SEO is a game of competition, it’s important that you are playing it. Search engines show the best of the best, so therefore if your competitor’s website is better than yours, it’s going to get served. If they’re offering multiple blog posts about how to help, then you’ll need to offer the same. If they’re offering downloadable PDF’s of how to handle a divorce, then you’re going to need to offer that and then some.