Law Office Web Design



We offer law office web design to look better than your competitors’ websites. We also specialize in law firm SEO to help you rank locally and show up more often than your competitors.

The key is determined by 2 factors:

  1. Will your website show up when searching the area
  2. Will your website get customers to contact

When Blink Web Designs starts a client project with a law office firm, our main goal is delivery and results. We are going to deliver a website in under 2 weeks and then follow up with results. The key metrics to follow are how well you are being found on search engines and are the website users converting. We will measure:

  1. % New Users
  2. Conversion Rate
  3. Local Search Visibility

We guarantee an increase of these 3 key metrics over a 3 month period or your money back.

Law Office Web Design Examples

Here’s an example of getting that consultation form front and center to help conversions:

screen shot example of website design for law office

The following is an example of a law group style web design for a law office firm

multiple-staff law office agency web design example

Featured law office web design elements

On-page Google Maps integration:

Here’s an important feature that all law firms should have. It allows customers to easily click from their phone to get directions to their office. It also gives local landmarks that make it easier to find. This is connected through a Google API and a Google account is required for this type of integration. This is all setup under your account, so you have control.

screenshot of google maps on a laywer's website

Local SEO for Law Firms

When people are looking for law firms to represent them, they are looking for someone local and reputable. By optimizing your website properly you can get in front of those customers that don’t know about you yet. Generic terms like “Law Firm Near Me” is not out of reach for local/mobile optimization.

Contact form connected to law office e-mail

Ready to get your new law office website?

Blink Web Designs is ready for your business and has a turn around time of 2 weeks for a fresh new website. We’ll take a look at your competitors to make sure we are offering more in the way of user experience and representing your brand properly.