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Responsive Web Design Services

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Responsive Web Design Services

It’s 2021 and your site needs to be responsive or you are losing more than 50% of all internet users. Blink builds websites that are responsive to be flexible in today’s world.

Home » Web Design Services » Responsive Web Design Services

Google’s Mobile-First Indexing Requires Responsive Designs

This isn’t new, but in 2018 Google switched the algorithm around to index your mobile site before your desktop site. This caused many companies to drop in organic rankings and fast. Some still haven’t recovered.

Design For Mobile First

Blink Web Designs approaches web design from a mobile perspective first, then adjusts to make it look beautiful on desktop too. For example, buttons need to be easy to click on mobile, but not look gaudy on desktop.

Speed Loading

Besides the flexibility of moving from phone to desktop, mobile needs to be fast. My blog post, Page Speed Is Important For SEO explains in more detail why it’s important for ranking. Basically, they’re measuring speed over 3G speeds and how your website can perform under pressure.

Mobile and Tablet Device Mockups

We provide mockups of how your website looks on mobile, tablet, and desktop as part of our design process to ensure you are happy with how it looks across all platforms.

Performance and KPI’s

We pack the performance of top platforms into a tiny little living space. Some say that designing for small screens is harder than designing for large areas. With less room to work with, you need to make your main call to action work for you and track key performance indicators to make sure the website performs properly.

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