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Wine Podcast on WordPress

John Taylor had a website that resembled Frankenstein’s monster that was pieced together by different developers over the years. This website was a major contributor to his low rankings. Without an optimized website, John had a hard time finding new listeners for his Podcast and was at risk of losing his sponsorship.

In 4 weeks, Blink Web Designs delivered:

  • A clean, cohesive new website
  • 200% increase in keyword visibility
  • 96-speed rating on Google
  • Custom self-hosting for large audio files.

Month 1 Visibility Results

Graph from semrush with an increase in internet visibility on month 1

Month 2 Visibility Results

Graph from SEMrush on internet visibility for month 2

Moving into the month two mark, we can really start to see the hard work start to pay off for SEO results. The clean site, combined with the optimized content is now allowing John to rank more than ever before. More ranking locations give a higher possibility to be found online by new listeners.

Google My Business screenshot to show how many searches for Gardner and Sons Landscaping LLC

Local SEO Results for Landscaper

John Gardner’s youngest twin sons are old enough this season to work for the family business. The increase in staff means the need for new customers or John would not be able to pay his sons to work for him. Finding the balance between cost and proper staffing is a struggle for all business owners, especially those dealing with family.

John was pleasantly surprised when his phone started ringing in the first week of the new website. Over the next three weeks, he was able to secure enough work to keep the entire company busy for the spring season.

Responsive WordPress Design

As a landscaper, John Gardner had no time to work on graphics or design. He provided a logo and a short phone call with his goals. We took that and ran with it to create a new website for him. We created all of the content and provided all of the images, so he could focus on doing what he does best.

Links Legendary Family travel blog portfolio item

Travel Blog Website Design

Link’s family sold their home to start a new life as nomads. Disconnected from reliable WiFi, Link and his family go on the adventure of their life to see places they had only ever seen through the glass of a phone.

You’re creating content, own it instead of a social media site owning it. With a website, you can appear more official for brand engagement and own all of your content. Blink delivers websites with metrics for affiliate links and sponsors.


Big Checks on Magento 2 With SEO

Blue Wave Printing & Display was struggling to find new customers in a very competitive event market. One of the unique products that they printed was “Big Checks”. We worked to create a store specific to this unique product offering to allow customers the opportunity to design their own online with pre-made templates. Since the creation of the Big Check Store, Blue Wave Printing & Display has been able to bring in new customers every single day from a new traffic source.

  • #1 For High Traffic Keywords
  • 2,000 Organic Users Per Month
  • Custom Theme
  • Design Online Capable

High Traffic Keywords currently holds 914 organic positions that combine to produce 2,000 organic users per month. Here are some examples of ranking keywords.

High traffic keywords screenshot from SEMrush about