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WordPress Speed Optimization Service

WordPress Speed Optimization Service

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WordPress Speed Affects Customer Traffic

Google’s algorithm places a high value on loading times in order to increase its users’ experience.

Blink Web Designs can help you optimize your site and increase traffic.

We’re going to go over the factors that affect WordPress speed specifically. Please call if you need help.

Home » SEO Services » Fix Website Speed » WordPress Speed Optimization Service

#1 Too Many Plugins

As a developer, you should install a plugin, then test what that installation did to performance.

Plugin Compatibility

WordPress plugins play nicely with each other for the most part, but sometimes two are not compatible with each other. This sometimes causes a loop of requests and ultimately an entire site crash.

Each Has Own Code

All of the code needs to be installed onto the website in order for it to run. Some of these show up on the front end for users when they are trying to load your site.

Can You Reduce?

Is it possible for you to reduce plugins on your website and it still function properly? Removing plugins that aren’t doing anything is a great start, but that’s only the beginning.

If You Have Over 20 Plugins

Once you cross this threshold, you’ve got to start over and see what can be hard-coded in instead of added with a plugin. They’re easy to install, but that comes with a cost of functionality. Call us and we can help preserve your site while we create you a new one.

#2 You’re not paying enough for hosting

$5 is a sweet deal for hosting and yes, you can have a website. This website would only be functional if you handed someone a business card and they directly typed in your website. These low-cost, shared hosting platforms have a hard time ranking because of speed and obscurity.

I’m not going to share my opinion of the best hosting company, but I have opinions towards low-cost hosting options.


You’re on your own. These are commonly the low-cost options available from major hosting platforms. While there are is support available, they are not always implementing best-practices for your website to rank better. These are often commonly related to low-speed at their low levels and a high cost to value ratio for the high-performance levels.


There are people keeping your server up to date with the latest software. The most common platform for managed WordPress hosting is WPengine. This is not an affiliate link, although maybe one day it will be. They offer great managed WordPress hosting and themes to go with it. We offer Managed Hosting too.

#3 Your AWESOME Images Are Not Sized Properly

I talk about this so much it’s going to need its own page.

Width and Height Vs SIZE

Images have a width and height, which is measured in pixels. They ALSO have a size, which is measured in KB.

An iPhone image, taken vertically, is 2,300 pixels wide. The image on the left is 600 pixels wide. When you force a browser to change the size of the image, it takes time.

The same iPhone takes a picture at around 1.2MB in size. This needs to be compressed to under 100kb before uploading to a website.

#4 Caching Is Helpful For Site Speed

Getting the right caching is important and especially that you don’t double-up on caching.


I found that this one solved a lot of problems related to Google, but added a lot to the server.


I found that this one was lean, but didn’t solve every error on Google. Overall out of the free options, I liked using it the best.


This is a paid plugin and it performs very well, but your website usage would determine if you need a paid solution or not.

WordPress Speed Optimization Service

We’ve laid out the action items to speed up your website. All you need to do is call and we’ll get started right away on optimizing your WordPress site to load faster and get more traffic.