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What is Clean Web Design?

clean computer space


The idea behind offering clean design is for a better user experience for your customer

To The Point

You have a lot to say to your customers, so it’s difficult to pair that down to only a few sentences or words. Highlight your most important selling features only.


No more than 3 fonts should be available on your website and no more than 3 different sizes. This keeps a consistent, professional look throughout the site.


Your color scheme should consist of only 3 colors or less. Grayscale does a good job at creating a clean design because there are fewer “distracting” colors.

Clean Web Design Won’t Cut It Alone

The main idea behind creating a clean website design is to simplify your message to your customers so that they can easily digest it. If there’s no message, however, then the clean design will mean nothing.

Start with your main message and try to reduce that to one focal point. If your website can do one thing really well, that’s better than doing 100 things somewhat well.

Sample of Clean Design

Nike has done a great job over the years keeping their large product line displayed in an organized fashion with clean landing pages for each of their product lines. In this example, we can see the “Jordan” product line as well as links back to their other products. They utilize grayscale on the web design to help make the products pop off the page and minimize the website elements.