Getting Started With Local Search

The key is to have happy customers that refer your business to others. By having more customers that support your business, your business listing will rise higher than your competitors. Let’s show you some of the technical parts of local SEO.

Get Reviews

Having positive reviews on Google (who is viewed as a trusted medium) can help people get over their initial hesitations to purchase from your company. When your customers promote you through positive reviews, this makes it easier for other customers to make the decision. Google reviews are weighted very heavily in search but don’t discount places like Yelp and Facebook for local reviews. Having reviews from trustworthy sources will help close the deal AND plays a factor in the ranking algorithm. Positive reviews are hard to come by because not everyone is willing to take the time out of their day to write about your company. It’s up to you to over-deliver to get these reviews and don’t forget to ask for them.

Free Local Profiles

As I mentioned in the previous section, Google is a great place to get reviews, but also make sure you are taking advantage of other free platforms as well. Create a Yelp profile, Facebook page, and Bing listing. The more places you can have listed, the easier it will be for customers to find you. Each of those listings uses geographic location to serve local results for their users. You have to be at a physical location, so for those of you doing services online, you’ll need to put in your address, follow the address verification process, and then hide it on the profiles so people don’t show up at your house.

The important part with each of the profiles is to put your website and address, for geographic reference as well as to let customers review. By having a positive online correlation between company name + address + URL, you’ll be able to show up more often in search results.

Product and Service Keywords

Be sure to include the search keywords that people are looking for in your profiles, just like you would include on your website. This allows for the search engines to connect Company name + address + URL + services provided.

In Conclusion

I hope this helps give a starting point to help your small business show up more often in local searches. We’re available to create a website, maintain it, and help with social profile updating.

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