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5 Tips For Dog Breeder Web Design

dog breeder web design

Having a reputable website helps increase buyer confidence, which will increase the number of purchases. Getting stuck with bills and no buyers could put an end to your business. We’re going to go over some tips for creating a dog breeder web design that instills confidence in buyers.

Tip #1: Update Your Website Content

Larger stores that sell puppies will have updated content for their new pups because they have a dedicated web design team. We have noticed that smaller, less reputable breeders, will only have a social media account that has updates and a website that collects dust. When looking for a new member of the family, buyers will be looking for as much information as they can get. Keeping a website up-to-date with the new litter will create an appearance of a larger business, even if it’s just you taking care of the pups. When you are going to update on Social Media, update your website too. Create a blog post that generates buzz for the new litter with a date, which will also help with SEO for “_____ puppies near me”.

Use your website as marketing alongside what you are doing on social media because a buyer will inevitably go looking for more information about you.

Tip #2: Professional Pictures

Pay for a professional photo shoot of the new litter. If you can’t afford to pay a professional photographer, then plan on spending time getting good at photography. Today’s iPhones are very capable of producing high-quality photos. Just remember to compress them properly before uploading to the website or you may run into speed issues.

This little extra touch will really set apart your services from the competition.

Tip #3: Testimonials

Puppies are members of the family and these families will be more than happy to share their positive experiences. Follow up with the buyers and ask for a picture or video of their pup in action. Guaranteed that they have THAT picture readily available on their phone because they’re already showing friends and family. Post that picture up on your website as a blog post and talk about how much of an impact their newest family member has had on their new family.

When people write a review on social, make sure it is also on your website either by a plugin or a copy/paste from social media.

Tip #4: Video

Who doesn’t like to watch videos of puppies playing? When we chose our newest member of the family, we watched the videos over and over after putting a deposit down. Buyers are excited to bring them home, so keep that excitement up by posting videos. Not just on social media, but also on your website. Sharing the video on your blog post creates more content in the long run for your website.

Tip #5: Display Dog Breeder Accreditation

If you are a serious dog breeder, then you will have some accreditations to show. Proudly display anything that you have and any accolades you may have received over the years. Display them on every page in the footer to make sure potential buyers see that you are a reputable dog breeder.

In Conclusion

As someone who has recently added a new family member, I can tell you with certainty, that when looking for our new pup the breeder’s website played a big role in our decision. Shady, outdated websites made us think that the breeder wasn’t a real breeder, so we made sure to steer clear. This was a major life decision for us, so we wanted to pick, with certainty, our perfect new family member. Let me know if you need any help with updating your dog breeder web design.

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